alan jacksn

Angels Among Us (participação de Randy Travis, Clint Black & Garth Brooks)*Pedido de "ÐJ.MØMËÑtا"/SP

Angels And Alcohol (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")


Flaws (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")

Gone Before You Met Me (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")

Gone Country

Gone Crazy

I Leave A Light On (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")

I'll Go On Loving You *Pedido de "Destino Insólito M"/SP

I'll Try *Pedido de "ÐJ.MØMËÑtا"/SP

Jim And Jack And Hank (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")


Mexico, Tequila And Me (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")

Midnight In Montgomery

Lovin' On Love

Summer Time Blue

The Angels Cried (participação de Allison

Krauss) *Pedido de Neusinha/SP

The One You’re Waiting On (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")

When God Paints (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")

When Somebody Loves You*Pedido de "Destino Insólito M"/SP

You Can Always Come Home (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")

You Never Know (álbum "Angels And Alcohol")

*Sugestão de "Destino Insólito MM"

A Horse With No Name

Muskrat Love (ao vivo) *Pedido de Rosane/RJ

Tin Man

Ventura Highway

You Can Do Magic *Pedido de   H.J.GARCIA/RJ

amos lee

Colors *Pedido de Rµîvä!صvîndøMîd¥

Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight *Pedido de Rµîvä!صvîndøMîd¥

anne murray

Amazing Grace

Could I Have This Dance

Danny's Song

I Just Fall In Love Again

I Want To Sing You A Love Song


Whispering Hope

You Needed Me

barbra zinger


Estoy Innamorati *Pedido de Maria Luiza Boninni/SP

Everybody's Talking *Pedido de "Aqu@rius" M

From This Moment On

How Do I Live

Love Gets Me Everytime

Rock And Roll Lullaby

Take Me Home Country Roads

*Sugestãojde "Destino Insólito M"/SP

For The Good Times

*Sugestão de "Destino Insólito M"/SP

Don't billy currington

Good Directions

Hangin' Around

I Got A Feeling

Must Be Doing Something Right

She's Got A Way With Me


de *Fernanda** blackmores night

Spirit Of The Sea

*Sugestão de "Destino Insólito M"/SP blake shelton

Nobody But Me

*Sugestão de

Rµîvä!صvîndøMîd¥ bliss

Evening Sun bliss

I Hear, You Call


bob bob dilan

Mr. Tambourine Man

bruce springsteen

American Land (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

Death To My Hometown (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

Easy Money (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

Hello Sunshine (2019)

Jack Of All Trades (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

Land Of Hope And Dreams (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

One Step Up *Pedido de "Yta"

Rocky Ground (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

Secret Garden *Pedido de


Shackled And Drawn (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

Swallowed Up (In The Belly Of The Whale) (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

This Depression (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

We Are Alive (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

We Take Care Of Our Own (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

Wrecking Ball (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

You’ve Got It (Álbum "Wrecking Ball"/2012)

carrie underwood

Blown Away (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Cupid´s Got A Shotgun (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Do You Think About Me (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Forever Changed (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Good Girl (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Good In Goodbye (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Last Name

Leave Love Alone (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Little Toy Guns

Nobody Ever Told You (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

One Way Ticket (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

See You Again (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Smoke Break

Thank God For Hometowns (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Two Black Cadillacs (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Who Are You (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

Wine After Whiskey (álbum "Blown Away"-2012)

crit harmon

Boss Of Everything

dixie chicks

You Can't Horry Love

dolly parton

9 To 5

Coat Of Many Colors

Hard Candy Christmas

I Will Always Love You


Winter Wonderland/Sleigh Ride

don williams

Green, Green Grass Of Home

*Ver "INTÉRPRETES (Intérpretes Internacionais/E-F/FAITH HILL) faith hill

frankie laine

Blazing Saddles

Cool Water

Ghost Riders In The Sky

Hey Joe

High Noon

My Little One *Pedido de  "Homem de Jeans"

They Call The Win Mariah

Woman In Love

*Sugestão de "Destino Insólito M"/SP

A Feeling Like' That

Alright Guy

A Showman's Life

Baby I Will

Best I Ever Had

Don't Look Away

From Where I'm Sitting

Good Mornig Beautiful

Half Of My Mistakes

Her Man

I Ain't Running Yet

It Would Be You

Learning How To Bend

Learning To Live With Me

Life Ain't Always Beautiful

Lovin' You Against My Will

Promise Broken

Right Where I Need To Be

See If I Care

Smoke Rings In The Dark

Songs About Rain

The One

Tough Little Boys


Watching Airplanes

What I'd Say

What Kind Of Fool

Yesterday's Rain

You Don't Know A Thing About Me



gordon lightfoot   gestão de Rosemary

If You Could Read My Mind

A Country Boy Cam Survivehank

hunter hayes

Young And In Love

Where It All Begins (participação de Lady Antebellum)

*Sugestão de Glauco/SP


hank williams jr


"INTÉRPRETES (Intérpretes       Internacionais/I-J/JOHN DENVER)

*Sugestão de "di*sainha"

I Want To Go Home

After All (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

Baby Ride Easy (participação de June Carter) (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

Call Your Mother (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

Don't You Think It's Come Our Time (participação de June Carter) (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

I Came To Believe (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

I Drove Her Out Of My Mind (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

If I Told You Who It Was (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

I'm Movin' On (participação de Waylon Jennings) (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

Out Among The Stars (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

Rock And Roll Shoes (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

She Used To Love Me A Lot (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

She Used To Love Me A Lot (JC/EC Version) (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

Tennessee (álbum “Out Among The Stars”-2014)

joshua radin

Someone Else's Life

When You Find Me (participação de Maria Taylor)

Butterflies (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Golden Hour (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Happy & Sad (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

High Horse (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Lonely Weekend (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Love Is A Wild Thing (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Mother (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Oh, What A World (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Rainbow (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Slow Burn (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Space Cowboy (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Velvet Elvis (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

Wonder Woman (álbum “Golden Hour”-2018)

*Suges tão de "¤.MØMËцا ¤"

I'm Easy

kenny chesney

Always Gonna Be You (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

Come Over (álbum "Welcome To The

Fishbowl" - 2012) *Pedido de "¤.MØMËцا ¤"

El Cerrito Place (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

Feel Like A Rock Star (participação de Tim McGraw) (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

I'm A Small Town (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

Makes Me Wonder (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

Me And You *Pedido de "Homem de Jeans"

Sing 'Em Good My Friend (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012

There Goes My Life

Time Flies (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

To Get To You (55th and 3rd) (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

Welcome To The Fishbowl (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

While He Still Knows Who I Am (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

Who You'd Be Today

You And Tequila (ao vivo, participação de Grace Potter) (álbum "Welcome To The Fishbowl" - 2012)

You Had Me From Hello

kenny rogers

Daddy's Little Girl (participação de Dolly Parton)

I Can't Unlove You

Lucille (participação de Dolly Parton)

Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To

Town*Pedido de "Margaryda"

Sometimes When We Touch (participação

de Dolly Parton) *Pedido de

"Homem de Jeans"

The Gambler

We've Got Tonight (participação de Dolly Parton)

You Decorated My Life*Pedido de "Homem de Jeans"

You Light Up My Life*Pedido de"¤A.A.MØMËцا¤"


tão de "Destino Insólito M"

For The Good Times

*Sugestão de "Kakau"/SP

A Holly Jolly Christmas

Bartender *Pedido de      Paulo/Sto.André/SP


Goodbye Town

If I Knew Then *Pedido de Regina

I Run To You

Just A Kiss

Love Don't Live Here

Need You Now

Wanted You More

We Owned The Night

When You Got A Good Thing

leann rimes


But I Do Love You

Bridge Over Troubled Waters *Pedido de Rµîvä!صvîndøMîd¥

Cant Fight The Moonlight


How Do I Live *Pedido de "vick lira"

I Need You *Pedido de Rµîvä!صvîndøMîd¥

Life Goes On

Nothin' Better To Do

Please Remember

Probably Wouldn't Be This Way

Some People

Something's Gotta Give

The Right Kind Of Wrong

little texas

Daddy's Money  

My Love  *Pedido de "Homem de Jeans"

My Town

Redneck Like Me

She'd Give Anything

The Bluest Eyes In Texas

You've Got To Kick A Little

luke bryan

Strp It Down


gestão de "Destino Insólito M"/SP

From Here To Eternity michael peterson

miranda lambert

Two Of A Crime

We Should Be Friends

moot davis

Thick Of It Now

*Sugestão dea"¤ ÐJ.MØMËÑtا ¤"/SP

We Never Danced


Country Grammer

*Sugestão de "¤.MØMËцا ¤"

Ouça também Paula Fernandes em "GÊNEROS Q/X-De S a T/Sertanejas/CountryBrasil/PAULA FERNANDES"


Behind Blue Eyes


Dust In The Wind


I'm Goona Getcha Good / Whose Bad Have Your Boots Been Under (ao vivo)


Man! I Feel Like A Woman! (ao vivo/2011)

Nothing Else Matters

Ode To My Family

One Of Us

Sweet Water

The Boxer

Un Dia Sin Ti

500 Miles *Pedido de "Rockeiro"/SP

Michael Row Your Boat Ashore

peter paul & mary

*Sugestão de "ÞËQÜËÑÅ"/SP

rascal flatts

Here Comes Goodbye

My Wish

*Sugestão de "Elegante Mulher!!!"

If You See Him/If You See Her (participação de Brooks &Dunn)

*Sugestão de Regina/SP

In No Time At All

*Sugestão de Dilson

Say Hello (participação de Sufjan Stevens


*Sugestão de Edson José/SP

Yesterday When I Was Young

*Sugestão de "¤ÐJ.MØMËÑtا ¤" taylor swift

22 (álbum "RED"-2012)

All Too Well (álbum "RED"-2012)

All You Had To Do Was Stay (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Bad Blood (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Begin Again (álbum "RED"-2012)

Blank Space (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Blank Space (Voice Memo) (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)



Clean (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Come In With The Rain

Everything Has Changed (participação de Ed Sheeran) (álbum "RED"-2012)

Eyes Open



Forever & Always

Forever & Always (Piano Version)


Hey Stephen

Holy Ground (álbum "RED"-2012)

How You Get The Girl (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

I Almost Do (álbum "RED"-2012)

I Don't Wanna Live Forever (participação de ZAYN)

I Knew You Were Trouble (álbum "RED"-2012)

I Know Places (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

I Know Places (Voice Memo) (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

I'm Alright (acústico-2013)

I Wish You Would (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

I Wish You Would (Voice Memo) (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Jump Then Fall

Long Live

Love Story

ME! (participação de Brendon Urie)

New Romantics (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Out Of The Woods (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Red (álbum "RED"-2012)

Ronan (single 2012)

Sad Beautiful Tragic (álbum "RED"-2012)

Safe And Sound

Shake It Off (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Starlight (álbum "RED"-2012)

State Of Grace (álbum "RED"-2012)

Stay Stay Stay (álbum "RED"-2012)

Style (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)


Tell Me Why

The Best Day

The Last Time (participação de Gary Lightbody do "Snow Patrol") (álbum "RED"-2012)

The Lucky One (álbum "RED"-2012)

The Other Side Of The Door

The Way I Loved You

This Love (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Tim McGraw (single/2006)

Treacherous (álbum "RED"-2012)


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (álbum "RED"-2012)

Welcome To New York (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

White Horse

Wildest Dreams (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

Wonderland (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

You Are In Love (álbum "1989"-Deluxe-2014)

You Belong With Me

You're Not Sorry

the band perry


*Sugestão de Rafael/RJ the brothers four

The Green Leaves Of Summer

tift merritt

Another Country

 *Sugestão de "Pupo" tim mcgraw

BBQ Stain

Country BoysAnd Girls Gettin' Down On The Farm

Dancing When The Stars Go Blue

Don't Take The Girl

Grown Men Don't Cry

I Like It, I Love It

I Miss Back When

Indian Outlaw

It's Your Love (participação de Faith Hill)

Let's Make Love (participação de Faith Hill)

Like We Never Loved At All (participação de Faith Hill)

She Never Let's It Go To Her He

Something Like That

Watermelon Crawl

The Green Grass Grows

travis tritt

Closer *Pedido de "Angel/MG "

Good Feeling

I Don't Love You Anymore

Love Will Come Through

Say Hello



willie nelson

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

On The Road Again

Spanish Eyes (participação de Julio Iglesias) *Pedido de "Homem de Jeans"

You Were Always On My Mind

wynonna judd

Come Some Rainy Day

Files On The Butter *Pedido de "Homem de Jeans"

Girls With Gitars

Heaven Help Me

I Want To Know What Love Is

I Will Testify To Love

Is It Over Yet

It's Never Easy To Say Goodbye

Love Cam Build A Bridge

New Day Downing Can't Nobody Love You

No One Else On Earth

I Can't Stand The Rain (participação de

Sam Moore) *Pedido de

   "Destino Insólito M"/SP

To Be Loved By You *Pedido do tio JIM

Who Am I Supposed To Love  *Pedido de Kátia

You Are (do filme "Someone Like

You") *Pedido de Rµîvä!صvîndøMîd¥